Swaziland - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

Swaziland - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The following narrative describes activities supported by the GHCS-State fund account, notified by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The PEPFAR program in Swaziland supports the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland's (GOKS) intensified national response to the HIV epidemic through evidence-based prevention, care and treatment programming. USG efforts will continue to support expansion of CT, and to link those with positive tests to high quality care and treatment services.

Areas of particular strength include PMTCT, supporting the supply chain for ARV drugs and integrating the care of people co-infected with TB/HIV. The USG has also developed a combination prevention program with multiple approaches through a variety of strong partners. These prevention activities including rapid scale-up of medical male circumcision are expected to have a major impact on the HIV epidemic through the reduction of new infections. Additionally, the USG supports GOKS planning on multiple levels and technical areas. Throughout the USG FY 2009 COP there is a strong emphasis on supporting sustainable national policy and guidance development through participation in multiple planning committees, the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and through MOH secondment.

A Partnership Framework between the Governments of Swaziland and the United States was signed and the document is now available at http://www.pepfar.gov/frameworks/swaziland/index.htm. It focuses on reducing new HIV infections, improving and decentralizing the quality of treatment and care, rapidly expanding male circumcision services, mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS on vulnerable children and their families, and strengthening human and institutional capacity. This five-year joint strategic agenda will be supplemented with a Partnership Framework Implementation Plan that provides additional detail.

FY 2009 funds from the 6th CN will be used to support the goals laid out in the Partnership Framework documents. PEPFAR programs will support improvements to the quality of care, including support for quality assurance systems in the MOH and a performance measurement strategy based on a sampling methodology, which will facilitate the process of data collection and reporting. Funding will be used to encourage and support local grassroots initiatives that benefit OVCs within their own communities. To strengthen laboratory services and build strategic information capacity, PEPFAR/Swaziland will support the development of an electronic laboratory information management system to assist in data collection and utilization. Without electronic management of data, quality of care is compromised and effective research, monitoring of disease trends, and detection of emerging diseases is not possible. Funds will also support the prevention of new HIV infections. A national condom policy is near completion, yet there is still little data on the actual availability and distribution patterns of condoms throughout Swaziland. Funding will go to strengthen the government's ability to effectively distribute and accurately monitor condom use at a national and community level.

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