Zambia - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

Zambia - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

After five years of funding, the Zambia PEPFAR program has exceeded nearly all of its targets, reaching 51% of those in need with antiretroviral treatment and over 400,000 OVC. With strong linkages to education, workplace programs, and other health programs (e.g. malaria), the PEPFAR Zambia program embodies a multi-sectoral response to a disease that affects all sectors of society. This combined with dramatic improvements to laboratory capacity, commodity and procurement systems, and health records management speak to the PEPFAR program's commitment to health systems strengthening and linkages with development as an integral aspect of an adequate response to HIV.

In Zambia, PEPFAR prevention programming will continue to improve the quality of existing PMTCT programs, fully integrating PMTCT with other maternal and child health services, and increasing access to high quality PMTCT services. In addition, PEPFAR will intensify other prevention efforts with messages targeting youth, military, law enforcement, prisoners, and refugees. PEPFAR will also work to improve the quality of CT services by placing high priority on creating effective networks and referral linkages to other care and treatment services. Behavior change interventions and the establishment of condom outlets will reach multiple high-risk groups, such as HIV discordant couples, sex workers, police, military, refugees, victims of sexual violence, and prisoners. Blood and injection safety practices will also be strengthened to prevent HIV transmission across clinical and community settings. In addition, PEPFAR will explore the use of "community compacts," which will create partnerships directly with communities, and will provide incentive rewards for effective prevention programs.

In FY 2009, care and support activities will provide nursing/medical care, treatment of opportunistic infections, pain relief, nutritional supplements, psycho-social support, referral to ART, ART adherence programs and pediatric and family support. To address the high proportion of TB and HIV co-infection, PEPFAR will continue to enhance the linkage between TB and HIV services. PEPFAR support will provide OVC with improved access to educational opportunities, food and shelter, psychosocial support, health care, livelihood training, and access to microfinance as well as increasing the training OVC caregivers receive.

In FY 2009, PEPFAR will continue to provide comprehensive adult and pediatric ART services by supporting comprehensive care and treatment services for infants and children: training health care providers on provision of quality ART services: strengthening effective service delivery networks and linkages, bolstering laboratory, logistics and health information management systems; and increasing adherence to ART. PEPFAR will address the human resource crisis by supporting the MOH with human resource planning and management, recruitment and seconding key technical staff to provide HIV/AIDS services.

In FY 2009, PEPFAR will use funds to strengthen local health management information systems, expand the use of quality program data for policy development and program management, upgrade quality assurance procedures, provide training and support, build local partner capacity to launch and sustain programs, provide technical assistance to develop sustainable monitoring and evaluation systems and adopt modern communication technology. PEPFAR will expand policy and advocacy efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination within communities and in the workplace, encouraging strong national and local leadership among traditional, religious, and political leaders. Sub-grants and technical support will be provided to HIV-positive people's networks and to community leaders for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment advocacy.

Additionally, PEPFAR funds will support the development and negotiation of the Partnership Framework and the Partnership Framework Implementation Plan.

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