Russia - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

Russia - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The following narrative describes activities supported by the GHCS-State fund account, notified by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator.

In Russia, PEPFAR has focused its efforts in the areas of prevention, care and support, strategic information, and health system strengthening. Of particular note are efforts to support Health System Strengthening. PEPFAR has strategically used relatively limited USG funding to work on building the capacity of government, at both national and local levels, and building the capacity of civil society. PEPFAR has also focused on developing and implementing model programs, particularly in the areas of prevention and care for MARPs, with the idea of replicating and disseminating effective models.

The Russia PEPFAR program has prioritized HIV prevention and care activities, primarily among IDUs and their sex partners (the drivers of Russia's epidemic), as well as among other MARPs, including persons in prostitution and their clients, MSM, prisoners and street youth. PEPFAR continues to work with non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations to strengthen their capacity to deliver appropriate prevention and care interventions for MARPs, and to strengthen partnerships between these organizations and national and local governments. PEPFAR also plans to continue its collaboration with the UNAIDS to establish the 'Three Ones' in Russia (one national plan, one national coordinating authority, one national monitoring and evaluation system).

The PEPFAR team in Russia is supporting the development of a more unified strategic information system, including integrated biologic and behavioral studies among persons engaged in high-risk behaviors, along with HIV incidence testing, with the goal of expanding national capacity for collection, analysis and use of strategic information to improve programming. In addition, PEPFAR continues to support twinning with U.S. experts to advance care for HIV patients; this includes training for institutional, clinic and home-based care providers on opportunistic infections, a preventive care package, and optimizing patient adherence.

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