India - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

India - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The following narrative describes activities supported by the GHCS-State fund account, notified by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The PEPFAR India program is a leader in successfully transitioning from direct implementation of services to the provision of critical technical assistance to the Government of India's national program. Recognizing the high quality of U.S. technical assistance, the Government of India requested that the PEPFAR support newly-formed Technical Support Units in six major states, as well as provide strategic support to the national level Technical Support Unit. In addition, the USG develops demonstration projects that are transferred to the national government for scale up. Such projects range from women's self-help groups to models for linking high-risk communities with counseling and testing to male migrant interventions. To date, the USG program has primarily focused activities in four high-prevalence states; however better epidemiologic data is now enabling improved targeting of high-risk populations in other states.

In the area of prevention, in FY 2009 PEPFAR will support the Government of India's national rollout of PMTCT services by funding three models of PMTCT service delivery in the private sector. Programs will focus on changing male behavior norms and strengthening male involvement in prevention efforts. PEPFAR will also promote expanded provision of PMTCT by private hospitals and maternity services and support a model program to provide training on infection safety for nurses. PEPFAR will also support the production and distribution of information, education and communication materials for the armed forces and support the Training of Trainers program for secondary school children in Ministry of Defense schools. In addition, support to the armed forces will help create a core group of Master Peer Leader Educators to carry out HIV/AIDS education within the Indian Armed Forces and throughout soldiers' native communities and procure condoms for the military. DoD will also support VCT training for HIV counselors and procurement of HIV test kits and other disposal medical supplies and assist the Armed Forces Medical Services in maintaining and expanding its Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers. Care and support activities include funding mobile vans to reach at-risk rural populations with counseling and testing, supporting drug adherence, facilitating access to services, and continuing successful PwP programs. A new activity will provide technical assistance on care and support in the North East. DoD will continue to work closely with the Indian armed forces to improve and enhance the skills of healthcare providers to manage, care, treat, and monitor HIV patients on antiretroviral treatment. DoD will procure medical supplies in consultation with AFMS.

PEPFAR's treatment programs in India include the continuation of a model supportive supervision program in Andhra Pradesh for expanded HIV/AIDS services at the Primary Healthcare Center level as well as collaboration with a consortium of 15 private medical colleges. Support for capacity-building for medical providers in HIV/AIDS treatment and care will continue, including an innovative national Fellowship Program to train doctors in comprehensive HIV/AIDS medicine. DoD will continue to work closely with the Indian Armed Forces Medical Services to improve and enhance the skills of healthcare providers to manage, care, treat, and monitor HIV patients who are on antiretroviral treatment. DoD will procure the medical supplies in consultation with AFMS.

Other activities include an increased emphasis on technical assistance in the areas of upgrading the national laboratory system (including military labs), strategic information, strengthening health systems, building human capacity, networking with civil society, and policy and advocacy. PEPFAR will continue to provide strong technical input to the Government of India's national Technical Working Groups and to the states through the provision of technical consultants and technical assistance in communication, CT, and care and support. In response to requests from the National AIDS Control Organization, additional support in key areas of comparative advantage, such as public-private-partnerships and capacity building of the private sector, are also planned. Funds will also support technical assistance and policy development at the national and state level on workplace. DoD funds will be used to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the ongoing military HIV/AIDS prevention program, including identifying areas requiring additional support and greater attention by the Armed Forces Medical Service to improve its data collection and analysis capabilities. Funding will also support management and staffing expenses.

FY 2009 funds will also be used for consultations and technical assistance to initiate the process of developing a Partnership Framework.

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