Guyana - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

Guyana - FY 2009 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

With a concentrated epidemic in high-risk populations, PEPFAR programming in Guyana has made an important shift from direct service delivery to capacity building in its strategic approach. In the area of prevention, PEPFAR will support the Government of Guyana's (GOG) priority for national coverage of PMTCT services, using a network system. Currently, there is access to PMTCT services at 129 national ANC sites supported by PEPFAR. Data systems have been built and ownership transferred to the MOH with continued technical assistance provided by PEPFAR. Also in support of prevention, USG AB activities directly support Guyana's National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS. Based on findings from the AIDS Indicator Survey (AIS), PEPFAR Guyana will use FY 2009 funds to encourage primary and secondary abstinence as well as the delay of sexual debut in schools, youth clubs, religious groups, and other organizations.

The prevention program area is critical in Guyana, given that the bulk of existing and new infections continue to be concentrated among high-risk and vulnerable groups. The USG team is supporting both risk elimination and risk reduction, and interventions with MARPs will follow the ABC model, with emphasis on faithfulness and correct and consistent use of condoms for these groups. In FY 2009, high-risk populations will continue to be reached with combined targeted outreach and referrals to clinical care and treatment services.

The goal of PEPFAR in the area of care will be to provide the following four categories of essential palliative care services, contributing directly to the National Strategy, ensuring availability to all people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS: clinical care, psychological care, social services, and spiritual care. In addition, the USG will support the Guyana National TB Control Program, which provides care and treatment for all TB cases in the country. Other programs planned for FY 2009 in Guyana include continued support of OVC. As defined in Guyana's National Policy, the comprehensive response to OVC includes the following priority areas: socio-economic security, protection, care and support, education, health and nutrition, psycho-social support, legal support, conflict resolution, and education.

Other planned 2009 activities will focus on further mobilizing people to access CT - with a strong emphasis on MARPs and males- to boost prevention efforts and to identify those who need treatment. The provision of high quality HIV clinical care and ART access is at the core of the PEPFAR program. Funding in FY 2009 will focus largely on activities that increase the use of and access to services, including: opt-out HIV testing of pregnant women in labor and delivery; provider-initiated testing in the hospital setting; and expanding geographic coverage and reach of VCT to vulnerable and migratory populations and in workplace settings.

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