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Dominican Republic – FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source*

Date: 2011 Description: FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source © PEPFAR

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

The PEPFAR program in the Dominican Republic will expand its emphasis on TA to the Government of the Dominican Republic (GODR) for prevention, treatment and care, public policy, and civil society strengthening. The program recognizes and supports Dominican ownership of its HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan (NSP) with PEPFAR playing a support role to the GODR leadership.

The PEPFAR program in the Dominican Republic has revised its prevention strategy to focus on MARPs, including mobile populations, CSWs and their clients, MSM, residents of Bateyes (habitats for seasonal sugar cane workers, many of whom are of Haitian descent), women with four years or fewer of formal education, members of the Dominican military, IDUs, and prisoners. Surveillance surveys will be conducted in FY 2010 to provide information and data on these groups, in order to design effective prevention strategies.

The PEPFAR program is aligned with the NSP for HIV/AIDS, which includes four major areas: Public Policy, Civil Society Participation, Prevention and Promotion, and Universal Access to Integrated Care and Treatment. Generally, the weaknesses in the GODR health system represent opportunities for important and sustainable improvements in many areas. To the extent that the resources allow, PEPFAR will work with GODR and other partners to improve health systems, while providing TA to strengthen healthcare and laboratory services. PEPFAR and the GODR are preparing to sign their Partnership Framework and are in the final phases of PFIP development. The Partnership Framework lays out the guiding principles and goals of the USG-GODR joint efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic, focusing on MARPs and health systems strengthening, as above.

PEPFAR is already working with the MOH and other partners to develop and implement a single M&E system and procurement/logistics system. When the systems are ready for broad implementation, the MOH will announce that these systems represent new ministerial policy, in order for broad implementation to take place. PEPFAR will assist with this entire process. Similarly, the design and implementation of an active Bi-national (cross-border) program will require the GODR (and the government of Haiti as well) to announce this approach as government policy. Besides strategic information, other areas of cross-border collaboration include OVC, testing and counseling, sexual prevention, and PMTCT. In addition, USG will engage in a policy dialogue with the GODR regarding enforcement of the constitutional right to a Dominican birth certificate for those persons born in the DR. Regarding bi-national activities in the FY 2010 COP, the PEPFAR team will make appropriate changes in a collaborative process between Haitian, Dominican, and USG partners as more information on the effect of the earthquake in the Dominican Republic and border areas becomes available. For now, USG plans to continue to provide TA, training, some physical renovations, and limited procurement of equipment in support of cross-border activities. In addition, USG will support the Presidential AIDS Council (COPRESIDA) and GODR efforts to strengthen the dialogue on the bi-national agenda.

Civil society has participated actively in HIV/AIDS policy-level deliberations and the implementation of services and support to vulnerable target populations. PEPFAR will continue to work with a number of NGOs, training them in management and operational techniques to improve their own cost-effectiveness and sustainability. PEPFAR will also work with the MOH at a policy level to provide greater levels of national support to NGOs.

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