Guyana – FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source*

Date: 2011 Description: FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source © PEPFAR

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

Guyana’s epidemic is concentrated in MARPs. PEPFAR programming has shifted from service delivery to capacity-building. The PEPFAR program works closely with the MOH and is guided by the overall goal of Guyana’s NSP for HIV/AIDS. The PEPFAR team has held initial discussions with the Government of Guyana to develop a PF and PFIP.

The prevention program is critical in Guyana. PEPFAR will continue to support PMTCT activities. PEPFAR will also work to build management capacity at the National Blood Transfusion Service and implement a revised Blood Donor Recruitment Strategy. FY 2010 activities in HCT will focus on mobilizing MARPs and males to access services. PEPFAR will shift from a focus on sexual prevention activities to focus prevention with higher risk populations, such as CSW, MSM, and miners/loggers working in the hinterland while maintaining some activities focusing on in and out of school youth. The Guyana PEPFAR team will also maintain injection safety activities to minimize the risk of needle stick injury and consequently HIV infection to health care workers and the community.

With funding in FY 2010, high-risk populations will continue to be reached with combined targeted outreach and referrals to “friendly” clinical care and treatment services. Currently, there is a robust PEPFAR-supported HBC program. Funds will support expanded training of providers as well as service delivery, including care for TB/HIV patients. PEPFAR will build on successes in OVC programming by assisting the government in developing service delivery standards and craft policies to safeguard the well-being of OVC. PEPFAR will continue to serve as the MOH’s primary partner in the delivery of a standard care package for PLWHA, and to scale out services to the hinterland.

FY 2010 funding will focus on increasing use and access and on expanding the reach of treatment activities. Activities will build on early successes in order to strengthen a single national system of forecasting, procurement, transport, and monitoring of drugs and commodities. Diagnosis will be expanded to include improved OI diagnostics, viral load testing, and EID at the National Public Health Reference Laboratory. PEPFAR will also promote PITC; promote task shifting/task sharing in HIV/AIDS care and treatment to expand the numbers of personnel providing care and treatment; and conduct an ART outcome assessment.

Other planned PEPFAR activities will support the development of SI systems, including working with the Government of Guyana to implement Guyana’s first Demographic and Health Survey.

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