Asia and Middle East

Asia and Middle East Regional (A/ME) (Total GHCS-State: $650,000)

USAID ($650,000): The A/ME Bureaus will continue their efforts to strengthen advocacy and support networks for PLWHA and MARPs and to train national and regional counterparts on the development of effective and appropriate HIV programming and policies. The A/ME Bureaus plan to use FY 2010 GHCS-State funding to continue support to three regional Middle East North Africa (MENA) HIV/AIDS collaborations, as well as to support a minimal amount of the A/ME Bureaus’ administration and oversight costs. The C-Change project will continue to provide technical support to local HIV organizations on MARP-focused service delivery, training and advocacy interventions in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon. Funding will be used to strengthen the functional capacity of partner organizations in each country as well as their abilities to participate in national and regional HIV platforms. The Alliance will also provide technical and operations training and support to the Regional Arab Network Against AIDS (RANAA). Dependent upon the results of an FY 2009 assessment of current programs and potential partners, the Alliance may also expand activities into new countries in FY 2010.

FY 2010 funding will also build upon six years of successful A/ME support for developing PLWHA leaders and networks. Anticipated FY 2010 activities include assessments of PLWHA needs, support to PLWHA networks and support groups, development of regional PLWHA resource materials and tools, and implementation of regional workshops with PLWHA leaders and health providers on stigma reduction, advocacy, treatment, and peer-to-peer support. Finally, funds will be used for continued support to the work of Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in MENA. Anticipated support includes technical and operations support, regional research activities such as access to treatment and/or mapping of HIV/AIDS organizations and service delivery, and development and implementation of regional workshops, training, and conferences. A small portion of GHCS-State funds will be used to pay for the salary and travel of one A/ME Health Advisor.

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