South and Central Asia

Afghanistan (Total GHCS-State: $500,000)

USAID ($250,000): With FY 2010 GHCS-State funds, USAID will continue to fund a MPH Development Advisor to serve as a Secretariat Advisor for the HIV/ AIDS Coordination Committee of Afghanistan (HACCA), a national-level, multi-sectoral structure established by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to coordinate the national HIV response. Building on an organizational assessment funded with prior year funding, the Advisor will assist HACCA in strengthening its advocacy and communications roles, particularly on issues related to MARPs and harm reduction. In addition, in response to studies on the dynamics of HIV risk among MSM in Afghanistan, funded with FY 2009 funds, USAID established a male prevention and treatment clinic in Kabul, which it will continue to support with FY 2010 funds. An additional male sexual health clinic will be opened with FY 2010 funds in Mazar-e-Sharif. Focus groups will continue to be conducted with MSM in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif to determine how best to reach this population. Service utilization at the two pilot men’s health clinics will also be monitored to determine if the clinics are a successful means of reaching MSM.

HHS/CDC ($250,000): In support of the MOPH’s national HIV/AIDS strategy, CDC will provide technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s national laboratory, blood safety, and surveillance systems. CDC laboratory experts will advise the MOPH on integrating a national HIV reference lab into existing lab structures, purchase lab equipment and supplies to increase the NACP capacity, provide technical assistance to NACP to establish HIV case reporting, and conduct training in coordination with CDC Thailand and the Thailand MOH. Finally, CDC will work to strengthen the safety and adequacy of Afghanistan’s current blood banking system, by training and mentoring clinicians in modern blood transfusion and clinical management skills and by improving blood transfusion quality and safety.

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