Appendix 4 - Description of USG Field Cost of Doing Business (CODB)

Capital Security Cost Sharing (CSCS) – The CSCS program requires all agencies with personnel overseas subject to Chief of Mission authority to provide funding in advance for their share of the cost of providing new, safe, secure diplomatic facilities (1) on the basis of the total overseas presence of each agency and (2) as determined annually by the Secretary of State in consultation with such agency. Non-State Department agencies should include funding for CSCS, except where this is paid by the headquarters agency. More information is available at

Computers/IT Services – Includes USAID’s IRM tax and other agency computer fees not included in ICASS payments.

ICASS (International Cooperative Administrative Support Services) – ICASS is the system used in Embassies to: Provide shared common administrative support services; and Equitably distribute the cost of services to agencies. ICASS charges represent the cost to supply common administrative services such for human resources, financial management, general services, and other support, supplies, equipment, and vehicles. It is a generally a required cost for all agencies operating in country. More information is available at

Institutional Contractors (non-PSC/non-PSA) – Institutional and non-personal services contractors/agreements (non-PSC/non-PSA).

Management Meetings/Professional Development – Includes discretionary costs of country team meetings to support PEPFAR management and of providing training and professional development opportunities to staff.

Non-ICASS Administrative Costs – Direct charges to agencies for items and services that are distinct agency activities that are easy to price, mutually agreed to, and outside of the ICASS Memoranda of Understanding for services. Such costs include rent/leases of USG-occupied office space, shipping, printing, telephone, vehicles, driver overtime, security, supplies, and mission-levied head taxes.

Peace Corps Volunteer Costs – Includes costs associated with Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps Response Volunteers arriving at post between April 2010 and March 2011. The costs included in this category are direct PCV costs, pre-service training, in-service training, medical support and safety and security support.

Staff Program Support Travel – Includes the discretionary costs of staff travel to support PEPFAR implementation and management.

USG Renovation – Costs associated with renovation of buildings owned/occupied by USG PEPFAR personnel.

USG Staff (Direct Hire, Personal Services Contractor [PSC], Personal Services Agreement [PSA]) Salaries and Benefits – The required costs of having a person in country, including housing costs not covered by ICASS, rest and relaxation (R&R) travel, relocation travel, home leave, and shipping household goods.

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