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Central America Regional – FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source*

Date: 2011 Description: FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source © PEPFAR

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

In early 2010, the Central America PEPFAR Regional Program signed a Partnership Framework agreement with the governments of the Central America Region (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama). The PF focuses on: reducing HIV transmission; building capacity within national and regional health systems to deliver services; building capacity at the country level to monitor and use strategic information to support evidence-based and sustainable program; and improving the policy environment for the provision of HIV/AIDS services. The PF documents are now available at: http://www.pepfar.gov/frameworks/central_america/index.htm.

With the exception of Belize, the Central America region is characterized by a concentrated HIV/AIDS epidemic with low prevalence among the general population but very high prevalence among certain subgroups. HIV prevalence in adults is highest in Belize, and lowest in Nicaragua. These low national percentages mask the concentrated epidemic among MARPs.

Partner governments continue to show a strong response to the epidemic, providing more than 60% of HIV-related funding. With support of PEPFAR, the Global Fund, and other partners in, their efforts have focused on providing ART, care for PLWHA, programs for the PMTCT, and BCC tailored for low- and high-risk groups. HIV activities supported by host governments have had notably limited coverage of MARPs, and stigma and discrimination against these populations continue to represent major barriers to effectively address the epidemic.

While PEPFAR has played a leading role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic response in the region for over ten years through support to government and civil society, this year marks the first submission of a PEPFAR Regional Operational Plan. The Central America PF represents a hallmark of collaboration between PEPFAR and Central America Council of Ministries of Health, the regional body made up of all national Ministries of Health. The PF has a clear focus on MARPs and addresses four key areas: prevention activities to increase healthy behaviors among MARPs; HSS activities to build the capacity of countries to deliver sustainable high quality HIV/AIDS services; SI activities to strengthen national and regional abilities to monitor and use information; and policy activities to address issues such as stigma and discrimination, gender, and access to quality services for MARPs. Additionally, PEPFAR is forging strategic alliances with key civil society actors to strengthen their ability to advocate for positive policy changes and act as watch dogs.

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