Malawi – FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source*

Date: 2011 Description: FY 2010 Approved Funding by Program Area, Agency and Funding Source © PEPFAR

*Only appropriations from the GHCS (State) fund account are notified by the Global AIDS Coordinator.

In 2009, the Government of Malawi (GOM) signed the very first PEPFAR Partnership Framework. The Partnership Framework lays out the guiding principles and goals of the USG-GOM joint efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic. The goals of the PF are translated into action within the PFIP, which demonstrates new levels of collaboration with the GOM and focuses on increasing the capacity of both government and civil society to develop and lead a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi. The Partnership Framework documents are now available at:

PEPFAR will support the key priorities of the GOM’s National Prevention Strategy, including PMTCT, prevention of sexual transmission of HIV, and prevention of transmission through medical procedures. PEPFAR will also support the GOM with behavior change interventions directed at partner reduction, targeted condom social marketing in high-risk populations and for discordant couples, positive prevention and support for expansion of HCT, timely initiation of ART, and increasing access to VMMC.

PEPFAR will prioritize care and treatment support to Malawi through TA. This TA will include addressing the particular challenges of meeting the expected expansion of need due to changing World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on treatment eligibility. PEPFAR will focus on strengthening continuum-of-care (COC) efforts across the entire referral network in order to significantly reduce loss-to-follow-up in HCT and PMTCT clinics. Public-private sector partnerships will be used to scale up the reach of limited PEPFAR and other public dollars in care activities. Care and treatment activities will include: increasing the use and quality of pre-ART management for PLWHA, strengthening laboratory support services for HIV diagnosis and management, improving the capacity of the health care system to manage HIV and related diseases, providing technical leadership within several government ministries, and expanding TB/HIV interventions. PEPFAR resources will support the GOM to increase OVC access to essential care, as well as support and protection services. The USG team will also work with the GOM to improve the quality of OVC services, strengthen the capacity of local institutions to provide services to OVC and PLWHA, improve the policy and legal environment for the protection of OVC and PLWHA, and promote evidence-based strategic planning.

Additionally, funds programmed in FY10 will support the Government of Malawi to implement the new WHO guidelines for treatment of HIV-positive pregnant women, as well as to expand injection safety activities.

PEPFAR has focused its limited resources in Malawi on strengthening health care delivery systems to promote country ownership and sustainability of the HIV/AIDS response. Primary health systems strengthening activities include: supporting the GOM to increase the number of healthcare and social welfare workers through prioritizing HRH, strengthening health financing, providing integrated support for commodities and procurement, scaling-up HMIS to provide real-time data for patient care, and enhancing lab services for the health-care delivery system including HIV-related services.

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