IV. Other PEPFAR Country Programs


Tables 7 and 8 in this section are summary tables which show funding levels among the 24 bilateral and five regional programs (and, where possible, the countries benefiting from these regional programs) that are receiving an increase in U.S. funding for HIV/AIDS activities above their pre-Emergency Plan levels.

Table 7 shows the total amount of funding that these countries or regions received from all sources in FY 2004 and FY 2005, as well as the total planned and approved allocations for FY 2006. Table 8 shows planned and approved allocations for FY 2006 in greater detail, by indicating the amount of funding that these countries or regions are receiving, the funding account, and the distribution of funds among implementing agencies. Following the tables is a description of how the approved funding will be used in each country or region.

  • Table 7: FY 2004, 2005 & 2006 Funding Totals for Other PEPFAR Countries
  • Table 8: FY 2006 Funding for Other PEPFAR Countries, by Agency & Account
  • Summary Program Descriptions

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