Department of Commerce (DoC)

The DoC has provided and continues to provide in-kind support to PEPFAR, aimed at furthering private sector engagement by fostering public-private partnerships. Recent activities include:

  • Presentations about HIV/AIDS in industry/trade advisory committee meetings, including discussions on how the private sector can contribute to global HIV/AIDS interventions.
  • The creation and dissemination of sector-specific strategies for various industries (e.g., consumer goods, oil and extractives, health care) detailing to companies concrete examples of how the private sector can be engaged in HIV/AIDS.
  • Departmental support for various private sector activities, such as the Business-Higher Education Forum and events with the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS.
  • Regular meetings with multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the Global Fund to discuss how the Department has been able to reach out to businesses and industry and what other organizations might do.
  • Regular contact with dozens of companies working on HIV/AIDS around the world to discuss coordination and identify opportunities for public-private partnerships.

The U.S. Census Bureau, within the DoC, is also an important partner in the Emergency Plan. Activities include assisting with data management and analysis, survey support, estimating infections averted, and supporting mapping of country-level activities. U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
and the Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. State Department.
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