New Partner Organizations: Third Round (Updated January 2009)

World AIDS Day 2007: The Power of Partnerships - Latest PEPFAR Results

19 New Partners Initiative Grants Announced
in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Expanding the Circle of Partners: The Power of New Partnerships

Announced on World AIDS Day 2005, the New Partners Initiative (NPI) is part of a broader effort within the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to work with new partners, including community- and faith-based organizations, enhancing their technical and organizational capacity and ensuring the quality and sustainability of HIV/AIDS programs by supporting community ownership. The following organizations have been selected as third round grantees, joining 36 other PEPFAR partners awarded through NPI:

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)
AMURT USA is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to help improve the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged people of the world. AMURT USA, in collaboration with AMURT Kenya, will strengthen and scale up ongoing services for orphans and vulnerable children and prevention activities, as well as capacity-building efforts with a large network of community- and faith-based organizations.

Botswana Retired Nurses Society (BORNUS)
The Botswana Retired Nurses Society is a local non-governmental organization that works to complement existing free antiretroviral treatment programs with comprehensive, holistic palliative care services and a focus on strengthening the long-term capacity of families and communities. They will scale up their current palliative care and orphan and vulnerable children activities, and expand geographically to three new sites within Botswana.

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)
Christian Blind Mission is a faith-based organization and one of the world�s oldest and largest organizations, with a mission to bring people with disabilities who are trapped in poverty a higher quality of life. In Tanzania, CBM and its local partner Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CCBRT) will work to increase access to HIV/AIDS interventions for people with disabilities and their caretakers.

Cross International
Cross International is a faith-based organization based in Pompano Beach, Florida established to serve the most disadvantaged populations in Haiti and other Caribbean countries. In Haiti, Cross International will work with an alliance of five Haitian community- and faith-based organizations, focusing on local capacity building, HIV prevention among teens and youth, access to palliative care, and support and care of orphans and vulnerable children.

Curamericas Global, Inc.
Curamericas Global is a non-governmental organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina that pioneered community-based primary health care in the Americas. In Haiti, they will partner with a local organization, Management and Resources for Community Health (MARCH), to implement an innovative project to provide HIV prevention for Haitian women.

European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD)
The European Cooperative for Rural Development is a Brussels-based non-governmental organization that works to bring market-led solutions to the rural poor. In Nigeria, EUCORD, with its local partner, Widows Empowerment Organization (WEWE), will lead and build the capacity of a consortium of ten other local community- and faith-based organizations to implement the �Children of Hope Project� for orphans and vulnerable children.

Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB), USA
Francois-Xavier Bagnoud, USA is a non-governmental organization that works to protect children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS and poverty. FXB Rwanda and FXB Uganda, working in partnership with local organizations, will scale up work through the FXB Village Model Program that strengthens participants� capacity to improve their well-being, lower their risk for HIV, and escape extreme poverty.

GOAL Uganda
GOAL Worldwide is non-governmental organization based in Ireland that implements relief, rehabilitation and long-term development programs. GOAL Uganda will scale up its ongoing HIV/AIDS program in Pader District. The program evolved out of GOAL�s post-conflict humanitarian response and has become a comprehensive HIV prevention, care and support program with a focus on the community level.

Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (GRACE)
Grassroots Alliance for Community Education is a U.S.-based non-governmental organization that focuses on capacity building to enhance the impact and sustainability of community- and faith-based organizations, leading to better health and development programs. In Kenya, GRACE will provide care and support services to orphans and vulnerable children in traditionally underserved areas.

Grassroot Soccer (GRS)
Grassroot Soccer is a South African-based non-governmental organization that uses the power of sports in the fight against AIDS by providing youth with the knowledge, skills, and support to remain HIV-free. In South Africa, they will integrate soccer with HIV prevention programs in the build-up to World Cup 2010. The organization will implement a number of different interventions to facilitate a wide range of coverage, such as using role models to reduce stigma.

Kindernothilfe (KNH)
Kindernothilfe is a faith-based organization headquartered in Germany that has been advocating for the rights of children for the last forty years. In Kenya, it will expand its support for orphans and vulnerable children through capacity-building and institutional strengthening of 30 small community projects in five provinces.

Medical Teams International (MTI)
Medical Teams International is a faith-based organization based in Portland, Oregon that seeks to provide effective and sustainable health and medical services and education for marginalized and vulnerable people. In a province of high need in Mozambique, they will support and expand the work of local faith- and community-based organizations to care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Minnesota International Health Volunteers (MIHV)
Minnesota International Health Volunteers a U.S.-based private voluntary organization with 24 years experience in Uganda. They will partner with the Making Positive Living Attractive to Youth (Ma-PLAY) Initiative and local faith- and community-based organizations in the Central Region of Uganda. The program will improve HIV/AIDS care, prevention, and voluntary counseling and testing by increasing the capacity of local organizations to implement high-quality, community-based services.

National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE)
National Organization of Peer Educators is a local non-governmental organization formed by Kenyan peer educators and trainers. In three regions of Kenya, NOPE will provide comprehensive HIV prevention programs that target most-at-risk populations in underserved areas. They will implement the proposed activities with the support of two partner organizations, Hope Worldwide Kenya and I Choose Life.

Otse Community Based Home Care Trust (OCHBC)
Otse Community Home Based Care Trust is a local non-governmental organization that is a leader in providing home-based palliative care in Botswana. In the South East District of Botswana, OCHBC will expand the integrated delivery of home-based palliative care and support services for orphan and vulnerable children through a family-centered, family care approach to rural and underserved areas.

RETRAK is a network of faith-based social work organizations that serve street and former street children by establishing locally-relevant models for their care, building the capacity of local organizations to provide services, and raising awareness. In Uganda, RETRAK will use social workers to build relationships with orphans and vulnerable children, teach life skills and provide catch-up education for out-of-school youth.

Tearfund is a faith-based organization based in the United Kingdom working with a global network of local churches to help eradicate poverty. In Zambia, Tearfund will work with four church subpartners: The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, the Brethren in Christ Church, Jesus Cares Ministries, and Scripture Union Zambia. The partnership will focus on HIV prevention and care for orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, it will build the capacity of local churches to provide care and support services and to reduce the spread of HIV.

Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF)
Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) is a South African faith-based organization that implements programs and services targeting homeless and other at-risk populations. TLF will provide a comprehensive package of HIV/AIDS services to vulnerable populations in underserved urban Tshwane (Pretoria) and the surrounding areas, and will build the capacity of churches and other faith-based organizations to scale up their existing programs.

Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO)
Worldwide Orphans Foundation is a U.S.-based non-governmental organization providing medical and psychosocial support programs to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. In Vietnam, WWO will strengthen care support for orphans and vulnerable children by addressing the deficiency in social work services and providing training. WWO will work through three main strategies: curriculum development, the creation of family resource centers, and strengthening networks of organizations that work with orphans and vulnerable children.

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