Saving Lives through Smart Investments: Latest PEPFAR Results (December 2010)


“We have saved millions of lives from AIDS over the past decade. By investing in what we know works, we can save millions more in the future.”

- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, December 1, 2010

The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the largest commitment by any nation to combat a single disease internationally. PEPFAR represents U.S. leadership in meeting the shared responsibility of all global partners to make smart investments to save lives.

Latest PEPFAR Program Results

Reflecting America’s commitment to saving lives affected by HIV/AIDS, PEPFAR is supporting countries in providing HIV prevention, treatment and care to their people.

  • The U.S. directly supported life-saving antiretroviral treatment for more than 3.2 million men, women and children worldwide as of September 30, 2010, up from less than 2.5 million in 2009.
  • PEPFAR directly supported antiretroviral prophylaxis to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission for more than 600,000 HIV-positive pregnant women in fiscal year 2010, allowing more than 114,000 infants to be born HIV-free.
  • Through its partnerships with more than 30 countries, PEPFAR directly supported 11 million people with care and support, including nearly 3.8 million orphans and vulnerable children, in fiscal year 2010 alone.
  • PEPFAR directly supported HIV counseling and testing for nearly 33 million people in fiscal year 2010, providing a critical entry point to prevention, treatment, and care.
  • The U.S. is the first and largest donor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and has made an historic multi-year pledge of $4 billion for 2011-2013, a 38 percent increase in U.S. support. To date, the U.S. has provided more than $5.1 billion to the Fund. Of the estimated 5.2 million individuals in low- and middle-income countries who currently receive treatment, nearly 4.7 million receive support through PEPFAR bilateral programs, the Global Fund, or both.

Number of Individuals Directly Supported on Antiretroviral Treatment as of September 30, 20101, 2

  • Botswana: 12,200
  • Cambodia: 7,300
  • China: 5,500
  • Côte d’Ivoire: 61,200
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1,300
  • Dominican Republic: 5,500
  • Ethiopia: 207,900
  • Guyana: 3,000
  • Haiti: 27,900
  • India: 2,900
  • Kenya: 410,300
  • Lesotho: 45,700
  • Mozambique: 138,800
  • Namibia: 80,300
  • Nigeria: 334,700
  • Russia: 14,700
  • Rwanda: 53,800
  • South Africa: 917,700
  • Swaziland: 38,700
  • Tanzania: 255,500
  • Uganda: 207,900
  • Vietnam: 31,000
  • Zambia: 286,000
  • Zimbabwe: 59,900
  • Total: 3,209,700

1 Numbers may be adjusted as attribution criteria and reporting systems are refined.

2 All numbers greater than 100 have been rounded off to the nearest 100.

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