Care: Direct FY2012 Orphans and Vulnerable Children Results

Care: Direct FY2012 Orphans and Vulnerable Children Results
Countries Number of orphans and vulnerable children1
Angola2 NA
Botswana 12,000
Burundi 11,200
Cambodia 23,700
Cameroon 0
China 1,000
Côte d'Ivoire 125,700
Democratic Republic of the Congo 11,200
Dominican Republic 15,700
Ethiopia 583,100
Ghana 2,600
Guyana 1,300
Haiti 44,400
India 500
Indonesia 32
Kenya 606,200
Lesotho 55,700
Malawi 241,400
Mozambique 197,700
Namibia 75,600
Nigeria 498,200
Russia 1,000
Rwanda 59,500
South Africa 516,400
Sudan 2,200
Swaziland 89400
Tanzania 526,100
Thailand 1,500
Uganda 322,900
Ukraine 500
Vietnam 10,700
Zambia 440,500
Zimbabwe 168,800
Caribbean Region 0
Central America NA
Central Asia 0
Total 4,646,732
All numbers greater than 100 have been rounded off to the nearest 100.
1The number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) includes all individuals <18 years reported as a subset of the total number of individuals provided with a minimum of one care service. For further information, refer to Indicator C1.1.D in the PEPFAR Next Generation Indicator Guidance on
2 "NA" refers to countries where USG did not support OVC programs.

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