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Latest PEPFAR Funding Fact Sheet
-07/27/15   DREAMS Fact Sheet  [2438 Kb]
-03/20/15   Human Resources for Health: Training Health Care Workers & Strengthening Health Systems [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-03/11/15   Human Resources for Health [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]

PEPFAR Worldwide Activities Map (Updated February 2014)
-12/17/14   Global Pediatric Antiretroviral (ARV) Commitment-to-Action: Accelerating Innovation, Saving Children's Lives
-12/01/14   World AIDS Day 2014: PEPFAR Latest Results  [698 Kb]
-12/01/14  PEPFAR Announces Latest Results in U.S. Government's Contribution to the HIV/AIDS Response; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-12/01/14   Accelerating Children's HIV/AIDS Treatment Initiative (ACT)  [183 Kb]
-09/17/14   United States Support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria  [315 Kb]
-12/01/14   PEPFAR Overview  [486 Kb]
-05/12/14   PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Strengthen Child Welfare and Protection Systems  [533 Kb]
-05/12/14   PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Protect Children from Violence, Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect  [453 Kb]
-05/12/14   PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Putting Family Care First - Strengthening Families and Communities  [942 Kb]
-05/12/14   PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Early Childhood Development  [631 Kb]
-03/17/14   PEPFAR's Strategic Investments in Human Resources for Health
-03/21/14   Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS
-03/07/14   PEPFAR: Addressing Gender and HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day 2013: Shared Responsibility to Strengthen Results for an AIDS-Free Generation
Global Health Investments and Partnership in Africa
-12/02/13   PEPFAR Supporting Country Ownership: Advancing a Sustainable Response  [278 Kb]
-12/02/13   United States Support for the Global Fund: A Key Partner in Saving Lives  [193 Kb]
-12/02/13   World AIDS Day 2013: PEPFAR Results  [173 Kb]
-06/18/13  Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the U.S. President's Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief (PEPFAR); Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-05/20/13   PEPFAR and The U.S. Government Action Plan for Children in Adversity
-05/20/13   PEPFAR and Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Supporting Children, Investing in Our Future [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-03/14/13   PEPFAR's Medical and Nursing Education Partnership Initiatives  [537 Kb]
-03/07/13   PEPFAR: Addressing Gender and HIV/AIDS [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]

-11/29/12  The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-free Generation; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-03/14/13   Working Together for an AIDS-free Generation: World AIDS Day Results 2012 [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-The PEPFAR Blueprint: Country Modeling and Executive Summary Fact Sheet  [755 Kb]
-PEPFAR Public-Private Partnerships  [715 Kb]
-PEPFAR HIV/AIDS Emergency Commodity Fund  [392 Kb]
-08/03/12  Secretary Clinton Highlights U.S. Support for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Uganda ; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-AIDS 2012 Update: Latest Results  [585 Kb]
-07/26/12  PEPFAR Launches Labs For Life with Partners; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-07/23/12  Progress on Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
-Critical Interventions: Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS  [154 Kb]
-Making Smart Investments to Increase Impact and Efficiency and Save More Lives  [1466 Kb]
-US Support for the Global Fund: A Key Vehicle for Meeting Shared Responsibility  [2595 Kb]
-Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Saving Children, Investing in Our Future  [1267 Kb]
-PEPFAR Supporting Country Ownership: Key to a Sustainable Response  [1206 Kb]
-Addressing Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Co-Infection  [830 Kb]
-Gender and HIV  [609 Kb]
-Combination Prevention Treatment  [557 Kb]
-Combination Prevention Overview  [511 Kb]
-Combination Prevention Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision  [518 Kb]
-Combination Prevention PMTCT  [507 Kb]

-Using Science to Save Lives: Latest PEPFAR Results  [607 Kb]
-PEPFAR Platforms Strengthening the Effectiveness and Sustainability of Country Efforts on Health  [113 Kb]
-PEPFAR: Making Smart Investments to Increase Impact and Efficiency and Save More Lives  [71 Kb]
-Turning Science into Smart Investments: Saving Lives through PEPFAR Presentation  [572 Kb]
-Tuberculosis Infection Control (June 2011) [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-PEPFAR Funding: Investments that Save Lives and Promote Security (Updated June 2011)
-United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AIDS (June 2011)
-Partnering in the Fight against HIV/AIDS (Updated April 2011)
-PEPFAR: Addressing Gender and HIV/AIDS
-For Women, Children and Families: PEPFAR and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (February 2011)  [762 Kb]
-Guide to PEPFAR Online Resources (February 2011) [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-Smart Investments: Making the Most of Every Dollar Invested (February 2011)
-Fast Facts on U.S. Government's Work in Haiti: President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief (PEPFAR)

-Saving Lives through Smart Investments: Latest PEPFAR Results (December 2010) [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-State Department Fact Sheet: U.S.- South Africa Strategic Dialogue
-Investing for Impact: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (October 2010)
-PEPFAR's Role in the United States Global Health Initiative (June 2010)  [1178 Kb]
-Five-Year Strategy of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (June 2010)  [1082 Kb]
-Update on the BD/PEPFAR Lab Strengthening Partnership (June 2010)  [965 Kb]
-Latest PEPFAR Program Results (May 2010)  [638 Kb]
-Table: Global HIV/AIDS Commitments by Donor Governments, 2008 (April 2010)  [85 Kb]

-World AIDS Day 2009: Latest PEPFAR Results (December 2009)
-America's Commitment to the Fight Against Global AIDS (September 2009) [Get Acrobat Reader PDF version   ]
-Public-Private Partnership to Improve Food Processing in Africa (September 2009)
-State Department Fact Sheet: Partnering With Angola in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
-State Department Fact Sheet: The U.S. Commitment to Development (July 2009)
-Celebrating Life: Latest PEPFAR Results (Updated January 2009) 

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