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Near East and Asia
- Bangladesh Stories of Hope
- Burma Stories of Hope
- Cambodia Stories of Hope
- China Stories of Hope
- Egypt Stories of Hope
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Near East and Asia

Bangladesh Stories of Hope
--    Bangladesh: A Faith-Based Response to HIV/AIDS (August 2006)

Burma Stories of Hope
--    Burma: Buddhist Festival Teaches Life Lessons (August 2006)

Cambodia Stories of Hope
--    Cambodia: Cambodia Hosts Conference to Address HIV/AIDS (November 2008)
--    Cambodia: Cambodia Launches "PRASIT" Project (November 2007)
--    Cambodia: A new project supports orphans and vulnerable children in rural Cambodia (August 2006)
--    Cambodia: Phally: The Story of a Courageous Woman (August 2006)
--    Cambodia: Reducing Stigma and Discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS (August 2006)
--    Cambodia: Buddhist Monks provide home care along with resources for children (February 2006)

China Stories of Hope
--    China: PLWHA Network Makes a Difference (April 2007)
--    China: Compassionate Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (August 2006)
--    China: Helping nurses become leaders on HIV/AIDS (February 2006)

Egypt Stories of Hope
--    Egypt: Clinics Help Prevent HIV/AIDS (April 2007)

Greater Mekong Sub-Region Stories of Hope
--    Greater Mekong Sub-Region: Purple Sky Network Coordinates Regional MSM Activities (April 2007)

India Stories of Hope
--    India: Home-based Treatment and Care Program Launched in India (May 2007)
--    India: A Brighter Future for Sunita (April 2007)
--    India: Providing Support and Care Through Community Outreach (August 2006)
--    India: New book on HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu released (July 2006)
--    India: Counseling center reaches out to HIV-positive people and their families (February 2006)

Nepal Stories of Hope
--    Nepal: Women Living with HIV Come Together (August 2006)
--    Nepal: Sneha Samaj, Provides Support for HIV+ Women in Nepal (October 2005)

Thailand Stories of Hope
--    Thailand: Community-Based Organization Strengthens Families (August 2006)

Vietnam Stories of Hope
--    Vietnam: New Services to Fight Drug Addiction Available in Vietnam (July 2008)
--    Vietnam: Counseling and Testing Program Reaches Out to At-Risk Populations (April 2007)
--    Vietnam: Increasing Access to Antiretroviral Treatment (April 2007)
--    Vietnam: PEPFAR supports exciting changes in care for injecting drug users (April 2007)
--    Vietnam: Expanding and Improving the Quality of HIV/AIDS Services (August 2006)
--    Vietnam: A business makes its workplace more welcoming to people living with HIV/AIDS (February 2006)

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