U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Transcript and Description of Trailer Video

June 9, 2011

This trailer, created as part of a long-standing partnership between PEPFAR and Warner Bros., spotlights PEPFAR-supported prevention of mother-to-child transmission efforts. The following is a description of the video along with the transcript of voice-overs.

Video begins: Soft guitar music plays in background.

Title Card fades in: "one day" .

Video clips of babies, small children, and adults in hospitals and clinics fade in and out with title cards as noted.

President George W. Bush voice over: "When I took office, an HIV diagnosis was usually a death sentence."

Title card: "we will have the treatment we need" .

President Bush voice over continues: "Parents watched their babies die needlessly because local clinics lacked effective treatments."

Title card: "one day" fades out to title card: "we will have the resources to make a difference" .

President Barack Obama voice over: "This is a virus that has touched lives and decimated communities around the globe."

Title card: "one day" fades out to title card: "we will have the power to save lives".

Video clip of a group of women weaving fades to a video of a smiling boy on a beach.

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Governement of Rwanda appears on camera: "What we do here creates hope."

Video of a happy mother and father playing with their baby outside under a colorful arbor.

Dr. Agnes voice over continues: "Now they have access to care. They have access to treatment. And we prevent them to get HIV/AIDS."

Video clips of clinicians and doctors engaging with clients and patients .

Title card: "caring for millions" fades to title card: "providing life-saving treatment" fades to title card: "preventing the spread of HIV".

Dr. Agnes: "It’s the best investment for the future because it brings the spirits of development, peace and security. And when you do that somewhere, you build the development and peace of the world."

Title card: "one day is today".

Dr. Agnes voice over: "So we have our plan. Now we can ask our partners to come and support our plan."

Video clips of people in clinics and educational settings continue as the tempo and volume of the background music increases and voices join in softly.

President Obama voice over: "Let’s also recommit ourselves to building on the tremendous progress we’ve made, both in preventing and treating the disease, and ending the stigma and discrimination that too often surround it."

Title card: "saving babies" fades to title card: "saving mothers" fades to title card: "building healthier families and communities".

Video of several smiling mothers holding their babies.

President Bush voice over: "This is really a story of the human spirit. One of the great untold stories of our time."

Video of people gathered at a table and eating fades to men planing wood then to a woman folding clothing off a clothesline.

Bertha, speaking on-camera: "I’m a life example. I like to speak with other clients, other patients like me."

Video of Bertha speaking to a mother and son, all seated at a table with a supply of medicine.

Bertha voice over: "I encourage them to use to continue to use these drugs without worry, to live with happy, yeah, and with hope."

Video of a woman (Florence) in her home, serving a meal to her son and husband fading to Florence playing with her child in her yard.

Florence on camera and as voice over: "My life and my children’s life has been saved. They empowered me with self-confidence." They gave me skills that I could never find anywhere."

Video clips of students in classrooms.

Florence voice over: "I think education is such a remarkable thing because no one can take it away from you."

Video clips of clinics, parents outside with their children, and children smiling for the camera as the beat of the music becomes more prominent and the strength of the voices singing increases.

President Obama voice over: "It’s my hope that together we can move closer to the day when we eliminate this disease from the face of the earth."

Title card: "PEPFAR: Saving Lives Fighting HIV/AIDS" fades to title card: "to learn more about the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief visit PEPFAR.gov" fades to PEPFAR Logo.

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