Tanzania: A Local Leader in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS (April 2007)

Aisha Ally enjoys her work as a community home-based care supervisor. She has nine clients, whom she visits one to three times per week, depending on their condition. Through her work, Aisha has gained respect and prominence in her community. "People love me because I am saving them," she said.

With support from PEPFAR, the Tutunzane program reaches clients who are unable physically or financially to travel to health facilities. It also serves to ease the burden that HIV/AIDS has placed on the traditional medical infrastructure.

Communities ultimately must take ownership of community home-based care activities for them to be sustainable. Aisha found a way to promote community ownership through her job in the local government. She uses her influence in this position to allocate money to help care for PLWHA. If her clients are too sick or otherwise unable to feed themselves, she makes sure they receive assistance from the local government.

Local people like Aisha are leading the fight against HIV/AIDS in their own nations and communities, buoyed by the generosity and goodwill of the American people.

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