South Africa: Good Shepherd Hospice Gives Hope to a Young Family (April 2007)

Shadrack Lelani is a 31-year-old husband and father of a three-year-old daughter. Shadrack and his family live in a small, rural community in South Africa's Eastern Cape province. In 2004, Shadrack contracted tuberculosis and learned that he was HIV-positive. "I did not even feel sick at the time," he recalled.

Thankfully, the PEPFAR-supported Good Shepherd Hospice was able to provide Shadrack with tuberculosis medication. His cough improved, but soon he fell ill and began to lose weight.

In May 2006, Shadrack returned to the Hospice for life-saving antiretroviral treatment. Today he reports: "I have picked up some weight. It has really helped me." Like many people living with HIV/AIDS in the community, Shadrack is visited regularly by Hospice staff and his home-based caregiver, Sylvia. Sylvia lives a couple of streets away and visits Shadrack every week. Shadrack considers the Good Shepherd Hospice staff very supportive: "They are good to me and have helped me a lot."

The hospice also provides Shadrack's family with a food parcel every two weeks and hospice staff members helped him access a disability grant from the South African government. The antiretroviral medication and care packages - and the community's love and support - have given Shadrack and his family hope for a brighter future. U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
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