South Africa: Building Capacity to Manage Treatment Regimes (April 2007)

Frere Hospital is a 650-bed facility located in the Amatole district of South Africa's Eastern Cape province. At the facility, PEPFAR supports efforts to enable health care professionals to improve their management skills. Through the program, Frere Hospital pharmacists learn when to order pharmaceuticals, how much inventory to stock, and how to store medicines safely.

These efforts prompted Frere Hospital to develop professional policies and procedures to manage their pharmacy competently. Pharmacists now maintain stock levels that are appropriate for patients' needs, helping to ensure that the drugs are dispensed reliably and in the correct doses. Medical staff also identify factors that affect drug costs, so they can keep their inventory up-to-date and affordable for patients.

Technical training through the project emphasizes the importance of building well-organized health care settings, with staff capable of selecting suitable and inexpensive drug therapy. This process, known as a "formulary management system," enables medical professionals to work together to promote clinically sound, safe and cost-effective pharmaceutical care. Medical providers learn how to quickly identify and find solutions to potential problem areas and to improve the overall use of medicines. U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
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