Uzbekistan: Preventing HIV/AIDS in Women's Prison (April 2007)

With PEPFAR support, Tatyana Nikitina, the director of a community organization that works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan, has developed a training course on HIV/AIDS for prisoners. Four prison officials and 22 female prisoners participated in the program, where they learned about prevention techniques and gained skills and materials for disseminating HIV/AIDS awareness information to other prisoners. Participants learned about antiretroviral treatment, stigma reduction techniques, and methods for supporting people living with HIV/AIDS.

"I saw that the training helped women prisoners believe that life continues and that they can help prevent others from being infected with HIV/AIDS," said Tatyana Nikitina.

Ms. Nikitina continues to work on HIV/AIDS prevention activities and now is developing a series of training sessions on HIV/AIDS prevention for male prisoners in Uzbekistan. U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
and the Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. State Department.
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