Southern Africa

Angola Stories of Hope
-Africa: Secretary Clinton Travels to Africa (August 2009)
-Angola: Angolan Youth Centers Provide Educational, Recreational Activities (September 2006)
-Angola: Building Capacity to Fight HIV/AIDS in the Armed Forces (August 2006)

Africa Stories of Hope
-Africa: Secretary Clinton Travels to Africa (August 2009)
-Africa: The African Palliative Care Association (February 2006)

Botswana Stories of Hope
-Botswana: Hearts and Minds: A New Approach to Reporting on HIV/AIDS in Botswana and throughout Africa (January 2010)
-Botswana: Journalist Training Workshop Conducted In Botswana (January 2008)
-Botswana: Developments in HIV/AIDS and TB Shared with Botswana Districts (November 2007)
-Botswana: Renovated Reference Laboratory Opens in Botswana (November 2007)
-Botswana: Botswana Rolls Out Treatment in Remote Areas (August 2007)
-Botswana: Families Benefit from Early Infant Testing Program (April 2007)
-Botswana: Teaching Students Life Skills (April 2007)
-Botswana: One Young Man's Story: Seychele, age 14 (February 2006)

Lesotho Stories of Hope
-Lesotho: Solving Transportation Problems and Saving Lives in Lesotho (December 2010)
-Lesotho: Partnering to Improve Healthcare in Lesotho (November 2009)
-Lesotho: Partnering with Lesotho in the Fight against HIV/AIDS (August 2009)
-Lesotho: Road Show Raises HIV/AIDS Awareness and Fosters Goodwill in Lesotho (May 2009)
-Lesotho and Swaziland: Collaboration to ensure successful Global Fund grants (February 2006)

Malawi Stories of Hope
-Malawi: Go Girls! Program Addresses Young Girls' Vulnerabilities to HIV (June 2011)
-Malawi: Ambassador Goosby visits Malawi (December 2009)
-Malawi: U.S. and Malawi Sign Landmark HIV/AIDS Assistance Document (May 2009)
-Malawi: Changing Male Norms in Malawi (March 2009)
-Malawi: In Malawi, Home-Based Care Group Makes Positive Impact (February 2009)
-Malawi: U.S. Donates Building in Malawi (December 2008)
-Malawi Ministry of Health Holds Second Annual HIV Counseling and Testing Week (September 2007)
-Malawi: One Woman's Story: Supporting a mother with lifesaving treatment (February 2006)

Mozambique Stories of Hope
-Mozambique: Twinning Center Partners in Mozambique and the U.S. Develop Positive Prevention Toolkit (April 2010)
-Mozambique: In Mozambique, Radio Program Promotes HIV Awareness among Military and Surrounding Community (December 2009)
-Mozambique: In Mozambique, New Clinic and Training Center Strengthens Capacity (July 2009)
-Mozambique: American Embassy Commemorates World AIDS Day on its Turf (December 2008)
-Mozambique: In Mozambique, Small Grants Program Supports Community (October 2008)
-Mozambique: In Mozambique, Junior Theatre Group Promotes HIV/AIDS Awareness (July 2008)
-Mozambique: HIV and Associated Risks in the Mozambique Armed Defense Forces (April 2007)
-Mozambique: Challenging Gender Roles to Promote Healthy Behavior (April 2007)
-Mozambique: Facilitating Birth Registration for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (April 2007)
-Mozambique: Supporting AIDS-Affected Families (August 2006)
-Mozambique: Putting strategic information to work (February 2006)
-Mozambique: Small program has quick impact on female orphans, vulnerable children, single mothers (February 2006)
-Mozambique: Mozambique Uses Coordination to Increase PMTCT Care in Zambezia (September 2005)

Namibia Stories of Hope
-Namibia: Radio Debates Raise HIV Awareness among Namibian Youth (August 2009)
-Namibia: In Namibia, CD Raises HIV/AIDS Awareness Among Truckers (March 2009)
-Namibia: PEPFAR Grants Awarded To Namibians Fighting HIV/AIDS (August 2008)
-Namibia: Living Positive Tour Rocks Namibian Youth with Prevention, Positive Living, and Stigma Reduction Messages (June 2008)
-Namibia: Grandmother Supports Orphaned Grandchildren through Micro-Credit (April 2007)
-Namibia: Taking AIDS Prevention on the Road (April 2007)
-Namibia: Namibia Receives Grant to Support Education for OVCs (September 2006)
-Namibia: Microcredit Program Helps Women-Owned Businesses Grow (August 2006)
-Namibia: Strengthening Faith-Based Initiatives (August 2006)
-Namibia: A hospital integrates high-quality treatment with prevention and care (February 2006)
-Namibia: Counselors from the community help meet the needs of the community (February 2006)
-Namibia: In the shebeens of Rehoboth, "Try and You Will See" (February 2006)
-Tanzania and Namibia: U.S. and host nation militaries bring leadership and teamwork to the fight (February 2006)
-Namibia: Supporting "Community Action" in Namibia to Fight HIV/AIDS (October 2005)

South Africa Stories of Hope
-South Africa: A Visit to Vulindlela - Partnership on AIDS Research and Healthcare Services Extends Lives, Offers Hope (March 2011)
-South Africa: United States Supports Nurse Mentorship Program to Integrate TB/HIV Care in South Africa (March 2011)
-South Africa: Permagardening Helps People Living with HIV/AIDS Ensure Healthy Nutrition and Generate Income (December 2010)
-South Africa: Building Capacity for Cancer Screening among HIV-Positive Women (December 2010)
-South Africa: Engaging Nurses to Provide Life-Saving HIV Treatment (December 2010)
-South Africa: Health Program Integration: The Benefits of Mental Health Screening (December 2010)
-South Africa: PEPFAR Responds to Request from South Africa, Plans $120 Million in Bridge Funding as Nation Launches Expanded Treatment Effort (December 2009)
-South Africa: Lighthouse Foundation Reaches Villagers in South Africa's North West Province (March 2009)
-South Africa: Lettie's Story (June 2008)
-South Africa: Building Capacity to Manage Treatment Regimes (April 2007)
-South Africa: Good Shepherd Hospice Gives Hope to a Young Family (April 2007)
-South Africa: Finding a Place of Hope (August 2006)
-South Africa: Preventing HIV by Challenging Gender Norms (August 2006)
-South Africa: Small Grants Yield Big Dividends (August 2006)

Sub-Saharan Africa Stories of Hope
-Sub-Saharan Africa: Public-Private Partnership Entertains as it Raises HIV/AIDS Awareness (February 2010)
-Sub-Saharan Africa: Public-Private Partnership to Improve Food Processing in Africa (September 2009)
-Sub-Saharan Africa: New Public-Private Partnership to Improve Blood-Drawing Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa (August 2009)
-Sub-Saharan Africa: Harnessing the Power of Play (April 2007)

Swaziland Stories of Hope
-Swaziland: Partnering with Swaziland in the Fight against HIV/AIDS (June 2009)
-Swaziland: Swazis "Walk the Nation" for HIV/AIDS (June 2008)
-Swaziland: A nation cares for its women and children (February 2006)
-Lesotho and Swaziland: Collaboration to ensure successful Global Fund grants (February 2006)

Zambia Stories of Hope
-Zambia: Artists celebrate PEPFAR Success Stories in Zambia (April 2008)
-Zambia: Zambia Tourism Public-Private Partnership Hosts Benefit Concert (January 2008)
-Zambia: My Mum Has HIV Book Launch (September 2007)
-Zambia: "Real Man, Real Woman" HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign Targets Youth (May 2007)
-Zambia: New Technology Helps Track Patients on Antiretroviral Treatment (April 2007)
-Zambia: Project Supplies HIV Test Kits and ARVs, Conducts National Quantification of Lab Supplies (April 2007)
-Zambia: Treatment Support Worker Makes a Difference (April 2007)
-Zambia: HIV Counseling and Testing as an Avenue for Hope (August 2006)
-Zambia: Men in Uniform Fight HIV/AIDS (August 2006)
-Zambia: Religious Leaders Promote Care and Compassion (August 2006)
-Zambia: Network model improves accessibility and quality of ART (February 2006)
-Zambia: One Woman's Story: From HIV-positive to positive about life (February 2006)

Zimbabwe Stories of Hope
-Zimbabwe: Ambassador Eric Goosby Visits Zimbabwe, Discusses Health Sector (September 2009)
-Zimbabwe: Breaking the Barriers of Stigma Through Love (August 2006)
-Zimbabwe: Standardizing National Antiretroviral Treatment Monitoring Tools (April 2007)
-Zimbabwe: A Counselor Turns Despair into Hope (August 2006) U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
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