Ethiopia Stories of Hope

-Ethiopia: U.S. Donates Equipment, Vehicles worth $1.7 Million for Distribution of Medical Supplies (June 2011)
-Ethiopia: PEPFAR-Supported Clinical Adult Male Circumcision Services for the Military (June 2011)
-Ethiopia: U.S. Government Donates TB Diagnostic Equipment to Four Regional Labs (May 2011)
-Ethiopia: Celebrating International Women's Day in Hawassa (March 2011)
-Ethiopia: Ambassador Goosby Inaugurates Armed Forces Referral Teaching Hospital HIV/AIDS Center (March 2011)
-Ethiopia: U.S. Senators Visit St. Peter's Hospital in Ethiopia (March 2010)
-Ethiopia: Ambassador Goosby Visits Ethiopia, Participates in Roundtable Discussions on HIV/AIDS Programs (December 2009)
-Ethiopia: Festival Includes Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing: Ethiopian Couples Receive the Gift of Knowledge (November 2009)
-Ethiopia: PEPFAR Small Grants Program Changes Lives for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia (July 2009)
-Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, Three Young Women Educate Classmates (March 2009)
-Ethiopia: Ethiopia Celebrates Life through World AIDS Day Posters (December 2008)
-Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, Urban Gardening Project Provides Income and Nutrition (August 2008)
-Ethiopia: Peace Corps Volunteers Return to Ethiopia (October 2007)
-Ethiopia: Ethiopian Television Show Aimed at OVCs features Olympic Gold Medalist (September 2007)
-Ethiopia: Ethiopia Hosts Third International Muslim Leaders' Consultation on HIV/AIDS (August 2007)
-Ethiopia: Improving Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Services at Bella Hospital (April 2007)
-Ethiopia: New Postgraduate Diploma to Improve Public Health Sector (April 2007)
-Ethiopia: People Living with HIV/AIDS Speak to the Nation (April 2007)
-Ethiopia: Talkline - A lifeline for people concerned about HIV/AIDS (February 2006) U.S. Government interagency website managed by the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
and the Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. State Department.
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