Communication and Support Strategy

Considerable effort will be required on the part of OGAC and the USG partner Agencies to ensure that U.S. missions are fully informed of their roles relative to the Emergency Plan, including the associated requirements for planning, reporting, and coordination. Particular support will be required to enable countries to complete the documentation requirements, especially with regard to the countries that will be completing COPs. Key approaches include:

  • Assure the accessibility of all relevant documents providing information on the Global Strategy and its key policies through the internet, along with
    guidance thereon.
  • Use multi-country meetings as venues to disseminate information.
  • Engage OGAC regional coordinators and host-agency country backstops,
    including DOS regional bureaus and country desk officers to serve as key
    communication channels.
  • Identify partners from host Agencies and OGAC regional coordinators to
    provide technical assistance and support in the development of documents for countries required to submit them.
  • Engage in inter-Agency field visits to further disseminate information and
    expectations on the ground.
  • Organize phone, distance-based and regional COP reporting training.

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