Update on Public Health Evaluation (PHE) studies through PEPFAR

The purpose of this message is to update host countries and other PEPFAR partners on Public Health Evaluation (PHE) studies in FY2010. The FY10 solicitation for new PHE proposals is now underway. The following provides brief descriptions of both the FY10 Country Call for PHE Concepts and NIH Supplement Announcement.

The Public Health Evaluation (PHE) Program is currently undergoing a transition anticipated to better allow PEPFAR evaluations to support the goals of country-ownership and sustainability outlined in the Five-Year Strategy. Changes to the PHE program are expected to take place in FY2011. However, minor revisions to the current PHE guidance meant to streamline the process have been released in the current FY2010 Country Call for Concepts.

PHE refers to studies that guide PEPFAR partner country program and policy development, inform PEPFAR agencies and the global community, and identify areas where further evaluation and research may be needed. These activities answer key questions, providing information and building knowledge applicable across the range of PEPFAR-funded sites, and assess the impact of PEPFAR programs on the population being served by prevention, care, or treatment programs. As PEPFAR implements scientific advances on a large-scale through its programs, PHE assesses the effectiveness and impact of PEPFAR programs; compares evidence-based program models in complex health, social and economic contexts; and addresses operational questions related to program implementation within existing and developing health systems infrastructures. PHE utilizes rigorous, scientifically sound research methodology of varying complexity, and may include (but is not limited to) control groups, randomization, modeling or advanced statistical techniques. PHE does not extend to basic or investigational clinical research activities. PHE should prioritize local investigator leadership, participation and capacity-building and should reflect the priorities of host country governments. Ultimately, the information and experience gathered as a result of a PHE study should be used to improve future program implementation.

-- FY2010 PHE Country Call for Concepts Submission Guidance
-- FY2010 NIH Supplement Announcement

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