Direct FY2011 Testing and Counseling Results


Prevention: Direct FY2011 Testing and Counseling Results 
Countries Number of individuals 1
Angola 132,500
Botswana 130,600
Burundi 141,300
Cambodia 292,800
Cameroon 6,800
China 96,000
Côte d'Ivoire 726,800
Democratic Republic of the Congo 355,500
Dominican Republic 54,400
Ethiopia 5,580,100
Ghana 88,900
Guyana 45,000
Haiti 471,800
India 175,900
Indonesia 10,400
Kenya 7,425,200
Lesotho 50,300
Malawi 654,000
Mozambique 1,809,800
Namibia 240,100
Nigeria 2,353,700
Russia 800
Rwanda 1,552,300
South Africa 6,850,200
Sudan 78,800
Swaziland 150,900
Tanzania 3,172,500
Thailand 1,600
Uganda 4,361,900
Ukraine 23,800
Vietnam 710,900
Zambia 2,036,700
Zimbabwe 768,000
Caribbean Region 4,100
Central America2 21,000
Central Asia2  NA
Total 40,575,400
Numbers may be adjusted as attribution criteria and reporting systems are refined.
All numbers greater than 100 have been rounded off to the nearest 100. 
1This indicator includes individuals who received testing and counseling services for HIV and received their test results from any service delivery point during the 12 months. Service delivery points include fixed health care facilities such as: hospitals, public and private clinics, VCT, ANC, L&D, PMTCT, or TB sites; standalone sites such as free-standing sites not associated with medical institutions; and mobile testing such as HIV T&C services offered in a specific location for a limited period of time, e.g. outreach, door-to-door services and workplace testing programs. Individuals include TB patients, pregnant women, men receiving circumcision, and infants. For further information, refer to Indicator P11.1.D in the PEPFAR Next Generation Indicator Guidance on
2"NA" refers to countries or regions where USG did not support T&C programs.

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