Date: 2012 Description: Hand prints & AIDS ribbon on wall © Peace Corps

As the 9th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science is getting started in Paris, the U.S. government, through PEPFAR, remains committed to not only saving lives, but also to changing the very course of the HIV pandemic. Statement» Landing Page»

Date: 06/02/2009 Description: Former South African President Nelson Mandela at the Mandela foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tuesday June 2, 2009, during a meeting with a group of American and South African students  as part of a series of activities leading to  Mandela Day on July 18th. (AP Photo/Pool-Theana Calitz-Bilt, Pool) © AP Image

Each year on Nelson Mandela's birthday, July 18, the global community comes together to recognize Nelson Mandela International Day. At PEPFAR, we take inspiration from his legacy that inspires change and service to others. Statement»

Date: 2017 Description: Prudence Mabele © Melanie Hamman

Prudence Mabele was a force of nature and a guiding light in the AIDS response, and her remarkable legacy lives on. Statement»


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Date: 2012 Description: Boy in Mozambique © Sarah Day Smith/PEPFAR


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