FY 2004 Uganda Partners

The lists below include partners obligated3 Emergency Plan money as either a prime1 partner (bulleted items) or as a sub-partner2 (indented underneath the prime partners).

    The 2004 prime and sub-partner list reflects organizations that were obligated Emergency Plan money during fiscal year 2004, that is from October 1, 2003, through September 30, 2004.

    The list is based on data provided by U.S. Government agency field offices during the Annual Program Results updates submitted to the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator. This information will be updated as new data becomes available.

    • Catholic Relief Services
    • PATH
    • International Youth Foundation
    • Samaritan's Purse
    • AIDS Relief Services (ARS)
    • MoH or National Blood Transfusion Services
    • Sanquin Blood Consulting
    • Opportunity International
    • Africare
    • AVSI
    • Christian Aid
    • Plan USA
    • Salvation Army
        Prime Partners and Subpartners
    • ABT Associates
    • African Medical and Research Foundation
    • AIDS Information Centre
        Protecting Families Against AIDS
    • Baylor University, College of Medicine
    • BEPS Creative Associates
    • CARE International
        Hope for African Children Initiative
    • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    • Emerging Markets
    • Integrated Community Based Initiatives
    • Islamic Medical Association of Uganda
    • John Snow, Inc.
        Aakum Child & Family Program
        Aber Hospital
        Acenlworo CCF Projcet
        Acori Child & Family Program
        ACOWA Family Helper Project
        Action Against Child Abuse and Neglect
        Action Against Child Abuse and Neglect
        Action for Socio-Economic Development
        Action for Youth Development
        African Child Care Foundation
        African Medical and Research Foundation
        Agency For Young Adults
        Agwiciri Development Network
        AID Child
        ALENGA Health Centre III
        Alice Labol Foundation
        Ankole Cultural Dramactors
        Apac DDHS TB
        Apac DHAC
        Apac Director of Health Services
        Apac Hospital
        Arua DHAC
        Arua DHS TB
        Arua District Director of Health Services
        Arua District Local Government - Community Services
        Arua Hospital
        ASDE (U)
        Association for Social Development & Safeguard of Environment
        Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale
        Atutur Hospital
        Balyalwoba Rehabilitation & Development Agency
        Bannanyole Youth Development Association
        Bidi-bidi Co-operative Savings
        Boke Sero Status
        Bugangari Health Centre IV
        Buseta Community AIDS Initiative
        Bushenyi D. Gender (Probation)
        Bushenyi Diretor of Health Services
        Bushenyi District Educator Sector
        Bushenyi District HIV/AIDS Committee
        Bushenyi District Human Resource Sector
        Bushenyi District Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS
        Bushenyi Medical Center
        Bushenyi Production Sector
        BUSO Foundation
        Busolwe Hospital
        Buwekula Women Development Association
        Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief- Uganda
        Caritas Arua
        Caritas Nebbi
        Catholic Education Research and Development Organization
        Children & Widows of Disabled Soldiers
        Church Human Services AIDS Programme
        CO.U Kisiizi Hospital HBC
        CO.U Kisiizi Hospital STI OIsTE
        CO.U Kisiizi Hospital VCT+
        Collegio Universitario Aspiranti Medici Missionari Medici con L'Africa
        Community Alert
        Community Vision
        Concerned Parents Association
        Dokolo Health Centre
        Dr. Ekirapa Elizabeth
        Ediofe Health Centre
        Emmaus Community Program
        Entebbe All Christian Women Association
        Equator Dramactors
        Erussi Women Initiative
        Erute North Health Sub District
        Family Planning Association of Uganda - Bushenyi Branch
        Family Planning Association of Uganda - Mubende Branch
        Family Therapy Foundation
        FUKUI - Uganda Friendship Association
        Gen Rwot Family Care Association
        Good Samaritan AIDS Association - Ayivu Community
        Gwo Kwo Family Care Association
        HealthNeed Uganda
        HealthNeed Uganda, Soro
        IMAU JIA
        Integrated Community Based Initiatives, Bushenyi
        Integrated Health And Development Organization
        Integrated Program for Orphans
        Islamic Medical Association of Uganda
        Islamic Outreach Centre
        Itojo Hospital
        Joint Efforts to Stop Tears of AIDS
        KABA (Kasambya)
        Kabasuma Maanyi
        Kagadi Hospital
        Kaina Youth Dramactors (Kayoda)
        KANGAI (KICDI)
        Katakwi DDHS (VCT)
        Kebisoni Health Center (PMTCT)
        Kibaale DHAC
        Kibaale Director of District Health Services
        Kibaale Director of District Health Services Tuberculosis
        Kitenga CBO Forum
        Kitwe HC (PMTCT)
        Kiyora Dramactors Club
        Koboko HSD
        Kolping House Mityana
        Kuluva C.O.U. Hospital
        Kumi AIDS Support Organization
        Kumi DDHS
        Kumi DHAC
        Kumi DHS TB
        Lira Commmunity Development Association
        Lira DDHS General
        Lira DDHS TB
        Lira DHAC
        Lira District Development Network
        Lira Hospital (PMTCT)
        Lucia Youth Development Foundation
        Maracha Action for Development
        MOH PMTCT S/holders
        MOH STD manual
        Mubende DDHS
        Mubende DHAC
        MUK Dept of Mental Health (M. Tushabe)
        NACWOLA, Lira Branch
        NACWOLA, Pallisa Branch
        Nagongera Youth Development Projects
        National Guidance and Empowerment Network
        National Youth Council
        Nebbi Cultural Troupe
        Nebbi Local Government, Uganda
        Needy Kids Orphans Support Centre
        Ngoma Vivid Theatricals Features
        Ngora Hospital PMTCT
        Ntungamo Development Network
        Ntungamo DHAC
        Ntungamo DHS
        Ntungamo DHS (CHBC
        Nyakibale Hospital
        Nyakibale Hospital PMTCT
        Nyarweshama Widows Association
        Obimileku Youth Association
        Otuke Health Sub District
        PACEGO Women's Group
        Pader DDHS TB
        Pader District Local Govt (DDHS)
        Pallisa AIDS Support Organization
        Pallisa DDHS TB
        Pallisa DDHS VCT
        Pallisa DHAC
        Planning & Development Secretariat
        Rukingiri District AFS Centre
        Rukungiri DDHS
        Rukungiri DHAC
        Rukungiri District Network of People Living with HI/AIDS
        Rukungiri Gender & Development Association
        Rural Health Care Foundation
        Rushenyi Youth Drama Actors
        Rushooka Orphans Education Centre
        Rwashamaire HC (PMTCT)
        Save Foundation
        Save Owere
        SCORE Uganda
        Scripture Union Of Ug. (S.U. AFA)
        Severe Health Centre IV (PMTCT)
        Soroti DHAC
        Soroti DHS (Disaster)
        Soroti DHS TB
        Soroti Environment Concern
        Soroti Municipal Council
        Soroti Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda
        St. Anthony Hospital
        St. Joseph Integrated Orphanage
        St. Mary's Ediofe Girls' Secondary School
        St. Padre Pio H/C III, Mirem
        STF JIA
        Straight Talk Foundation, Uganda
        Task Force for Women & AIDS
        TB Leprosy Control Programme DHS
        Teso AIDS Project
        Teso AIDS Project (Disaster)
        Tororo County
        Tororo DHAC
        Tuliki CHBC
        Tusitukirewamu Kayunga K.Women's Group
        Twegatte Kisekende
        UBC JIA
        Uganda Medical Association (Dr. Ngobi)
        Uganda National Scout Association
        Uganda Red Cross, Lira
        Uganda Rural Community Development Program
        Uganda Women's Efforts to Save Orphans, Lira Branch
        UMOJA Women's Association
        UMSC-Mityana Health Association
        UNANM JIA
        UNASO JIA
        UPMA JIA
        UWESO Bushenyi Branch
        Venus Uganda
        Vision Terudo, Uganda
        Voluntary Action Plan for Rural Community Development
        World Education
        World Learning
        World Vision Tubur
        Young Adults Association
        Yumbe DHAC
        Yumbe DHS TB
    • Johns Hopkins University Insititue for International Programs
    • Joint Clinical Research Center, Uganda
    • LSA
    • Makerere University Faculty of Medicine
    • Makerere University Institute of Public Health
        Mulago Hospital, Uganda
        Rakai Health Sciences Program
    • Management Sciences for Health
    • Medical Research Council of Uganda
        The AIDS Support Organization
    • Mildmay Center
        Reach Out, Mbuya, Uganda
    • National Medical Stores
    • Population Services International
        A Child is a Child
        Aids Care Education & Training - Uganda
        AIDS Information Centre
        Arua One FM
        Atom Outdoor Ltd
        BTL Advertising Ltd
        Budongo Sawmills Ltd
        Capital Radio
        Century Marketing
        Club Oasis
        Contact Graphics Advertising Ltd
        Creative Marketing (U) Ltd
        Elite Quality Graphics
        Future Graphics
        Graphic System (U) Ltd
        Health Need Uganda
        Horizon Lines Ltd
        House of Eden
        Infinity Media
        Link Graphix
        Lowe SCANAD
        Makerere Community Church, Uganda
        Makerere University Institute of Public Health
        Makss Packaging Industries Lts
        MCL McCann Uganda Ltd
        Mega FM
        Modern Lithographic (k) Ltd
        Moringa Ogilvy
        No-end Entertainment
        Open Gate FM
        Ovidian Advertising & Design Ltd
        Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda
        QG Saatchi & Saatchi
        Radio Paidha
        Research International
        River Smith International Ltd
        Semat Productions Ltd
        Strika Entertainment (Uganda) Ltd
        Students Partnership Worldwide
        Superior Promotions Ltd
        The Ankrah Foundation Ltd
        The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces
        The Voice of Africa
        Uganda Youth Development Link
        United Printers
        VCT Sites & Health Centres (PMTCT)
        Western Broadcasting Services Ltd
        Wilsken Agencies Ltd
    • Protecting Families Against AIDS
    • Research Triangle International
    • The AIDS Support Organization
    • The Futures Group International
    • Tororo PMTCT Program
    • Training Resources Group
    • Agwiciri Development Network
    • AMG International Uganda Non-Profit
    • Banule Primary School
    • Buteba HIV/AIDS Fighters
    • Bwindi Orphans Group
    • Community Development
    • Ganyira Otaseka Widows
    • Kisoro Foundation for Rura.
    • Linda Foundation/House of Foundation
    • Mukujju ARV-HBAC Group
    • Nagongera Youth Development Projects
    • Namugongo Fund for Spec
    • Rugendabara Foundation
    • Wang-Kadu Foundation Fishing Enter.
    • Uganda Virus Research Institute
    • Uganda People's Defense Force - Aids Control Program


    1. Prime partner: The entity which received funding directly from, and has a direct contractual relationship (contract, cooperative agreement, grant, etc.) with, the USG Agency. (Source: FY2006 COP Guidance, p.39)

    2. Sub-partner: The entity to which a prime partner allocates funding. (Source: FY2006 COP Guidance, p. 43)

    3. Obligation: An agreement that will result in outlays, immediately or in the future. When the U.S. Government places an order, signs a contract, awards a grant, purchases a service, provides incremental funding or takes other actions that require the Government to make payments to the public or from one Government account to another, it incurs an obligation. (Source: FY2005 Annual Progress Report Guidance, p.5)

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