Technical Assistance

United States government Technical Assistance for Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (Global Fund) Grant Implementation

Since 2005 the U.S. Government (USG) has withheld up to 5% of its annual contributions to the Global Fund to provide technical assistance (TA) to improve Global Fund grant implementation. These funds are programmed on an annual basis with prioritized countries and technical areas based on the three disease programs for TB, malaria (President’s Malaria Initiative) and HIV (PEPFAR).

While some countries have USG Mission staff and partners already working closely with Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and Principal Recipients (PRs) on the ground, others do not have this presence, may have insufficient resources, and/or may not be able to provide support across the three diseases. For these reasons, the USG has limited resources set-aside for the following technical assistance areas:

  1. National Strategic Plan (NSP) or Investment Case Support – This includes technical assistance in the facilitation, costing, and development of inclusive processes and evidence-based NSPs at the country level.
  2. Concept Note Development – Provided this is a country owned and led process, should the program require outside facilitation and support to make the CN development robust, inclusive and based on sound evidence, there is central support for this technical assistance.
  3. Grant Management Technical Assistance for CCMs, PRs and SRs – Across the three diseases, for short term support to “unblock” a grant or meet Global Fund eligibility requirements.
  4. Medium to Longer Term Assistance – The USG provides several ways to access medium to long term assistance; such as: in countries/regions with a USG Global Fund Liaison, this person can provide cross-disease links among the USG, Global Fund and the National Program (requiring close coordination with the USG mission in country).
  5. Technical Area Support: The USG provides targeted PEPFAR technical assistance in areas such as Strategic Information, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, and Quality Improvement.

For general inquiries, please contact the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator with attention to the Technical Assistance Coordinator at