Medical & Nursing Education Partnership Initiatives



"We must dramatically transform African medical education to increase the number of qualified care providers available and develop the scientific expertise needed for research and innovation. By engaging country health and education ministries, MEPI will strengthen national plans to improve medical instruction and bolster the overall health care delivery systems. As we transition PEPFAR-supported HIV efforts from an emergency response to a more sustainable effort, we need to develop the expertise necessary for evidence-based decision making on the local level. This expertise will empower countries to lead health programs and fulfill their responsibility for the health of their people."

Ambassador Eric Goosby, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator at the Department of State.


“Nurses and midwives are vital to the health and well-being of all people. Through the Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI), we are providing resources to governments and educational institutions to better equip nurses and midwives to improve the health of vulnerable populations. We are very proud of our partnerships with NEPI countries, and committed to working together to raise the standard of health in their communities.”

Deborah von Zinkernagel, Principal Deputy U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator