PPP Incentive Fund

PEPFAR Private Sector Engagement Team Announces the Launch of the Incentive Fund Round 3

PEPFAR’s Private Sector Engagement Team is pleased to announce the launch of the Incentive Fund Round 3. The Fund is a $10 million initiative aimed at growing innovative, country and locally owned Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). The Incentive Fund provides support to strengthen and expand proven concepts and offers an incentive to those countries who want to initiate new PPP ideas.

This year’s Incentive Fund will have tiered funding levels: Catalyst funds for brand new programs (up to $250,000) and Demonstration to Scale funds for programs that already demonstrate success or successful programs looking to expand to new geographies or populations (up to $1 million). Please refer to the guidance and overview presentation for additional information.

Proposals must be submitted by a PEPFAR Country Team no later than February 11, 2014. Partners are encouraged to assist in idea formulation and proposal development. Private partners interested in working with PEPFAR on this exciting initiative can send a completed “Expression of Interest” form from the Round 3 Guidance to IncentiveFund@state.gov. Referrals will be made to the field based upon technical area and geographies of interest.

For all questions or inquiries, please contact PEPFAR HQ at IncentiveFund@state.gov.”

PPP Incentive Fund Round 3 Supplemental Appendices
PPP Incentive Fund Round 3 Guidance & Application Packet
PPP Incentive Fund Round 3 Overview Presentation