Budget summary

The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief - FY2009 Planned Funding for Prevention, Treatment and Care

* Note: This table reflects funding notified for all FY 2009 Country Operational Plans (COPs) for selected program areas as of January 2010 (FY 2009 5th PEPFAR Congressional Notification). All funding amounts are subject to change based on reprogramming of COPs and the programming of additional funds. This table does not include attributions of central dollars from the following categories: central procurements, supply chain, technical leadership and support, and New Partners Initiative. This table also does not include field dollars from the following categories: strategic information, management and operations, and health systems strengthening activities. The ARV drugs category includes $60 million in funding for treatment programs in South Africa in FY 2009 which was added outside of the COP programming and planning system. The addition of these funds for South Africa has caused other percentages to decrease, including the OVC program area. There are still FY 2009 funds yet to be programmed (in association with Partnership Frameworks), allowing for PEPFAR to meet the 10% Congressional earmark for programs that benefit OVCs. For sexual prevention activities, like other activities, the data are based upon the budget codes in the FY 2009 COP Guidance. The indicators in effect in FY 2009, as well as the Next Generation Indicators currently in force for PEPFAR's second phase, may be found at www.pepfar.gov/guidance/.

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